Fishermen don't sell oranges or do they?

This expression is often used by a business partner I often work with. We both offer business consulting services dedicated to the Renewable Energy Industry and we both often receive the question 'Why only renewables?'.

Too often, we are called in by companies that have already spent considerable amounts working with consultants in marketing or business development or finance but where the results stayed out. They hired experienced and recognized people often with a strong portfolio. Unfortunately, the experience and portfolio do not include renewable energy, transfer of technology or long term R&D projects. Too often these consultants arrived in a world they could not grasp, were unable to see the potential, could not understand the technology, misjudged the timeline to get production up and running or did not approach the right people,

There is a reason why fishermen don't sell oranges and butchers don't sell fish. Each trade has its specific challenges, demands specific knowledge and skills, requires different managerial, technical and financial approaches, has a timeline of its own and works around a specific network. Successful restaurant or furniture entrepreneurs - vendors will perform exceptionally well in their field, maybe also be successful in a B to C domain that is close to their experience or even in a B to B domain that has a short development and sales cycle. But the odds are that when confronted to a totally different way of doing business in IT, fashion, pharmaceutical or renewable sectors they will be inefficient and prone to make mistakes.

Before hiring a consultant, always make sure that the consultant understands your business and knows the sector in which you are operating.

At DersamGlobal we work with a team of highly experienced professionals that spent the better part of their careers in a highly technical environment or working in the renewable energy sector. Over the years, these professionals built an extensive network, gained in-depth knowledge of the market, got to know direct and indirect competitors, faced challenging research and development cycles, worked with research institutes, managed complex projects, handled technology transfers or negotiated with investors and specialized funds. They have seen exponential growth, stagnation, consolidation and integration of OEM's, component suppliers, project owners and developers. They have learned to gain social acceptance, faced changing energy policies.

Does your renewable energy project need an experienced manager or executive? DersamGlobal can help you. We provide operational and strategic business development services, facilitation, business partnering and representation. We will work out a tailor-made proposal that will respond to your needs, whether it is for a short market study, the preparation of a strategic plan, or to fill in a management position in your organization on a part-time or full time basis, for a few weeks or months or for longer terms.

Click here for more information or simply contact us via e-mail or by phone +1 450 578 0445.

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