Technological start-ups and a business development strategist: A winning team to bridge the gap betw

Many amazing start-ups forget that in order to succeed good business acumen is as important as technical know-how.

Too often, promising companies and highly effective technological products fail to break through because they do not manage to meet the market needs at the right time and with an appropriate value proposition, do not work on a viable and effective business model or do not have the right management team on board. Usually all these factors are derived from and combined to the fact that day-to-day operations absorb and demand the entrepreneur’s full attention as well as to limited cash funds and financial resources that slow down the transition from development to commercialization.

The experienced business development strategist can help bridge this gap between product development and full commercial operation and can start collaborating from the very beginning of the entrepreneurial project. He will help these emerging companies to develop a unique and agile strategy, to achieve sustainable growth goals and thrive in rapidly changing markets:

  • help define the needs and requirements that the product must meet

  • assist in the definition of a viable business proposition and business model

  • assess the competitive environment

  • introduce the company to his network

  • contribute to the business plan and strategic presentations to investors

  • create industry awareness regarding the product and its value proposition

  • develop and implement a marketing and commercial plan

  • create partnerships and seek synergies

A team is as strong as its weakest link. By bringing in a business development specialist, the tech-savvy entrepreneur will build a winning team and bridge the gap between product development and commercial operation.

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